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Serving you with a cooperative spirit

Clifford Farmers Cooperative is your east-central North Dakota source for residential, commercial, and agricultural propane.

We are your neighbors, and we strive to be responsive, knowledgeable, and caring whenever you need propane service. We take care of our customers and do what we can to make it easy for you to be our customer.

You’ll find that our propane prices are competitive; we put safety first; and our salespeople, drivers and service technicians listen to your needs and concerns. When we promise to get something done, you can count on it getting done!

Pricing Options to Fit Your Life

We offer different pricing options, so talk with us to understand which will work best for your situation. Some options include:

    • A budget contract evens out your payments across an 8-month period. This way you won’t have a spike in your costs during the winter heating months.
    • Prepay for your needs to lock in a competitive price.
    • Cash payments can be made at your convenience.

We also offer a “keep-full” program for budget and prepaid contracts. We’ll make sure your tank never goes empty when you’re on this program. If you prefer, we’ll wait to hear from you and deliver when you request.

No Higher Priority

Safety comes first at Clifford, and our people receive ongoing training to ensure that we are the best at what we do.

We routinely conduct leak checks, and we always do a system inspection when initiating service, whether you own the tank and equipment or if it’s a new installation.

Additionally, we make sure existing equipment outside the building is brought up to code. We will conduct a leak check on the system any time a system is opened or runs out of fuel.

Watch for our annual awareness mailing to understand what you can do to ensure your propane equipment is safe and check out our safety materials here.

Annual Safety Mailing Cover Letter >

Tanks & Parts

We sell and install 500- and 1000-gallon tanks for homes, businesses and farms. We also have parts on hand that can be purchased directly to do the job yourself, or we can complete the installation for you.

Bulk Deliveries

Tanker loads of propane are available for commercial needs, especially during corn drying season. 

Please call our office for scheduling and pricing, 701-488-2216 or 701-874-2112.

Our Staff

Out-of-gas Policy

If your tank runs out of propane, we must reinspect the system before it can be refilled. We require someone to be present, as we will do a leak test.

Request Services

Please use this form to request information on propane products and services. If you need to schedule a delivery, however, you must call our office, 701-488-2216.

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